Registration Novia Salcedo Prize

NoviaSalcedo Foundation’s objective is to accompany young people as they find their feet in the world of work and wider society once they have finished their secondary and higher education. We seek to provide them with the skills and values necessary to succeed in a world in constant change. We are aware of young people’s vulnerability as they face their future. This Prize is a tool to forward our work of smoothing the way for young people, of finding them allies and creating synergies.
With this prize, Novia Salcedo aims to:

  • Recognise and motivate those individuals, firms, administrative bodies and institutions -wherever they are in the world – that are working to help young people enter the labour market,
  • Publicize their achievements as an example to Humanity.
  • Raise awareness in wider society of the need to bring young people into the labour market, for the good of the smooth functioning of the welfare society,
  • Place the Basque Country in the panorama of great international prizes

Institutions, cultural bodies, research centres, universities, firms and other organisations, plus those individuals invited by the Prize Organising Committee can propose candidates. Nominations should be accompanied by reasoned justifications.
All candidates must be nominated by a third party. No candidate can nominate him/her self or the organisation which s/he represents.

The Prize will have three categories:
Individuals. It may fit the category of “Ad Honorem” and/or under 35 years whenever it deems the Jury.

  •  Firm, with two categories:
    • large companies and
    • small enterprises
  • Public bodies/institutions/NGOs

Prizes will be awarded in the following fields:

  • Ideas and research
  • Projects and initiatives
  • Good practice
  • Publicity and awareness raising

Candidates can be nominated sending the official entry form ( to the Foundation together with a detailed account of the candidate’s merits.
The entry can be sent via registered mail, e-mail (, or handed in at the Foundation’s headquarters (Campo Volantin, 24, 1º – 48007 Bilbao – Spain).
Entries will be accepted by surface mail stamped before March 11th 2016.
The entry may be accompanied by any amount of supporting documents or facts.

Once the Prize Committee has drawn up a short list, it will contact candidates to agree a date for an interview to allow an in-depth evaluation of their candidacy

The closing date for nominations is 14.00, of the March 11th 2016. The Organising Committee will then draw up a short list. The Prize Jury will decide the winners from the short list.
Candidates not fulfilling the above requirements will not be accepted for entry. Documentation will not be returned. The Prize Committee and Jury will not enter into any correspondence on this matter. Winners agree to the publication of the prize results on the NoviaSalcedo prize web site.

The short list of candidates will be scrutinised by an international jury, independent of the Foundation, made up of individuals of recognised prestige and knowledge in the field of integrating young people into the world of work. The jury will be chosen by the Prize Committee.
The Jury will meet in the first three months of the year and will make their decision public the same day. The Awards Ceremony will take place later and prize winners willl be duly informed.

The Prize Committee will choose a non-voting secretary for the Jury. The secretary will preside over the first meeting, at which the jury president will be chosen from jury members. The president will have a vote.
The president will organise and chair deliberations and any voting. The secretary will interpret these rules and keep records of jury meetings.
The prize will be awarded to the candidate with a majority of votes. In case of a tie, the president will have a casting vote.

The prize will not be awarded posthumously, nor to any member of the Foundation.

The Prize consists of a diploma and a reproduction of a sculpture. The Prize may not be awarded, if there are no suitable candidates. To receive the Prize, a legitimate representative of the winning organisation or the individual winner must be present at the award ceremony.

Prize winners, if so invited, will take part in the events of the prize ceremony.

Entry into the prize supposes acceptance of all the rules and any decision of the Jury.



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