The Award’s implementation of the annual edition demands resources and means, that in several cases are beyond the reach of our organization. However, the share effort and the union of different forces will make possible this sensitized task, so important as necessary.

With this aim, NSF will create a Sponsor Panel which will be integrated by organizations that contributed thanks to their contributions to the annual celebration of the Award.

Collaborator firms will obtain counterparts on the field of public image, from their implication in an issue of major social impact. As well, they will be benefit from synergies thanks to the launch of a campaign with strong media coverage by the NSF.

The identity of the partner organizations will be present in the Award Ceremony, as well as in all written, audiovisual, digital or printed materials on which, both the campaign as the final award ceremony, will be included.

Their duties:

  • Participation in the awards ceremony to the prize winners.
  • Participation in the press conferences of presentation and disclosure of the Prize.
  • Presence in the Press Dossier that will be handed to mass media.Inclusion of Corporate Identity in the signage and decoration used in press conferences.
  • 50 invitations for the award ceremony – Inclusion of the corporate identity in the Award ceremony.
  • Insertion of the corporative identity in the advertisements of the Prize campaign.
  • Inclusion of the corporate identity in the written media associated with the Award.
  • Incorporation of the corporative identity to the Web created for the dissemination of the Award.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Prize Novia Salcedo, contact to monica@noviasalcedo.es





http://www.bilbao.net/ http://www.tamoin.com/ http://www.tubacex.com/
http://www.caf.net/ http://www.velatia.com/ http://www.idom.com/
http://www.grupoantolin.com/ http://cadenaser.com/emisora/radio_bilbao/ https://www.mapfre.es/
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